Wedding Music & Entertainment 


Wedding music is an instrumental part of the wedding day (no pun intended). From the first song as guests arrive to the venue, to the last song of the night, music sets the tone and invites your guests to join the celebration.

wedding music in the form of a mariachi band

 The Ceremony

The ceremony music is the first impression, creating the mood for your big day. Think soft, soothing, romantic sounds as guests arrive and mingle before taking their seat. While some opt for a classic DJ, others prefer live music such as a guitarist, sax player, violinist, or a trio featuring harp, guitar and bass. 

multiple wedding music options in Los Cabos

The wedding officially begins when you walk down the aisle, so make sure to pick something that you truly love. Canon in D and the Bridal Chorus are a couple of timeless and tasteful choices. But don’t be afraid to mix in something more contemporary if it speaks to you. 

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, maybe “Lover” is the perfect song.  Are you into oldies but goodies? Glide down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. Let your music speak to who you are as a couple.

If you want the party to start when you walk in, there isn’t a rule the says you can’t go straight into dance music. Who can forget the viral video of the bridal party dancing down the aisle to “Forever” by Chris Brown? 

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The Cocktail Hour 

When in Mexico, go for the mariachi! Have the lively group build up the festive energy as guests arrive to the cocktail hour and grab a frosty beverage. If you only want them for the start of cocktail, you can switch part way through to a guitarist / duo or DJ. The music should be upbeat and fun, but not quite full dance party mood (yet!). You want to save that for later in the evening. Your entertainment will provide you with their song list. 

traditional Mexican wedding music

Let them know what the ‘must-plays’ songs are and definitely, what is on the ‘do-not-play-list’. If you want them to learn a special song, give the musicians ample time to learn it. 

Click HERE for a feel-good playlist (as seen on Brides)

Wedding music and cocktail hour

Wedding Music & Entertainment at The Reception

Now, the big question: band or DJ? The easiest deciding factor for this comes down to budget. Bands can get expensive. Is there a local band you love? Are you considering flying down your favorite band from the states? Narrow down your top options, then compare pricing. 

We have amazing local talent right here in Los Cabos. But, if you are dead set on flying down a group, keep in mind all the added costs like flights, transportation, hotel, and meals. Those things can add up fast. Talk to your planner about ways to scale back in other areas like flowers or the bar to off-set these added costs.

Kilometro Band playing Wedding music

It’s hard to beat a good DJ. They have access to endless songs and always know how to read a room and get everyone on the dance floor. The easiest way to pick a DJ is to first decide what type of music you like. What are you into? Country…Dance…Hip Hop…Pop…Rock…House…Latin…or a mix of everything? Once you identify this, it will be easy to focus in on a DJ that matches your vibe. 

A DJ provides wedding music

Decisions, Decisions

Still having a hard time choosing between musical acts? Don’t worry! You can pick one for the wedding and utilize the rest for other events throughout the weekend. Have the mariachi band at the welcome fiesta. Perhaps a Spanish guitar for an intimate dinner. If you can’t afford the band for the entire wedding night, use them for the rehearsal dinner the night before for a couple hours. 

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Bride & Groom dancing to their wedding music

Beyond The Music

Entertainment goes beyond music. If you want to include some additional fun elements to your wedding, consider salsa dancers. They can put on a show, then grab guests and bring them out on the dance floor. 

How cool would it be to have water drums choreographed to DJ music? Or a cold fireworks show as the groom dips the bride on the dance floor during their first dance. If you want the ultimate showstopper, a cake cutting with cued Disneyland style fireworks will leave your guest in awe, as well as make for an epic photo op. 

Wedding music, dance and entertainment

The possibilities for wedding music and added extras are endless so let your imagination run wild. This is your moment and I encourage you to include everything your heart and creative mind desires! 

Xo Lauren Lemke