Designing the Perfect Wedding Inspiration Board for your Cabo Wedding


Inspiration Boards are so much fun, they hardly feel like work. It is a personalized design made by us based on our phone calls, emails, and brainstorming ideas. We need to create a constant flow of photos between the couple and us and explore different points of view so we can adapt the couple’s ideas, style, and budget to create a wonderful and unforgettable day.

As wedding planners, it is our job to know what looks good and we take that responsibility very seriously! Getting the couple involved earlier in the process can make a huge difference in the outcome of the style of the wedding. We look for your trust in us and will always guide you in the right direction.  Just the right décor, florals and vision is imperative to the vibe of your evening.

The first part of my inspiration board process is asking the couple for some favorite photos of past weddings that they like and then creating a private Pinterest Board. I always mention to the couple that it is extremely important to let me know which part they like in each photo to avoid miscommunications. For example, if they add a photo of a table set up with a colorful flower centerpiece I would love to know if it is the tone that catches their attention or the vase of the flowers or the style of the flower, or the table set up.

If the couple already picked up their Cabo wedding venue that makes the process even easier because the venue will be the strongest inspiration! By the view of the venue, its decoration, or its atmosphere. When the couple decides on some of our favorite venues like Flora Farms, Acre, The Cape, Chileno Bay, Esperanza, or Zadun, our minds start to fly and the sky is the limit!

For me, Pinterest, Instagram, and photos of travel vacations are fabulous tools for finding new trends, pallet colors, and inspiration and to help you to see what you love and what you don’t love, which is almost as important as what you do love.  Using inspiration from fashion, interior design, and travel destinations. and from your everyday life is also essential for creating a cohesive vision board that personifies you and your fiancé’s essence and style. This Vision Board is all about you as a couple. 

I am a complete admirer of interior design magazines even though I have a degree in Marketing and no specialization in design I admire design in all its aspects, I can spend hours admiring Kelly Wearstler’s work photos, and everything from AD Magazine, that’s where I get my inspirations. : )

The second part is where the creative role of your amazing wedding or event planner starts.  We pick from 4 or 5 pictures you’re your private Pinterest board and we try to focus on what components on each one of them we would like to put on our idea of your wedding. For example, highlight the way how the Arch will look like, or the tables with the chairs, or the style of the menus and seating chart how great the colors look together, and hoping the couple gets and love the vibe that showcases their vision.

An image is worth a thousand words, and an inspiration board is a great tool to create that picture for our clients. Visuals communicate things that words cannot, words fail miserably when trying to translate design concepts. What one person calls “edgy” another might see as chaotic, as one person calls “ elegant” another might see as an old fashion.

Having an Inspiration Board for your Wedding there is no blank-canvas syndrome to deal with, and no gnawing feeling that you are wasting your time on a concept you might not like. Best of all, there are no big surprises.

So I recommend that all couples not be afraid to open their design eye ☺ because there’s no error. Get inspired in your free time and create a Pinterest board with the photos you like the most, colors, textures, flowers so that we can get into your hearts and heads. We will create exactly what you had always dreamed of for the most important day in your lives

Less frustration and more fun!!!

Gaby CurielXoxo,
Gaby Curiel