Plan A Dream Wedding | Tips From The Best Wedding Planner In Cabo


After planning events for 15+ years, I’m proud to say my clients consider me the best wedding planner in Cabo. For that reason, I think I can impart a few pearls of wisdom on how to pull off your dream wedding.

First Things First

I live by my timelines, budget, and lists so I know that I’m on the right track with my planning. My first tip for the Destination Bride would be to book all of the following as soon as you have secured your venue and planner:

  1. – Photographer
    – Videographer
  2. – Florist
  3. – Caterer
  4. – Bands
  5. – Accommodations
  6. – Make Up Artist

Move fast to secure your venue. Destination venues have only so many days in the year to accommodate you for your big day. Check out the blogs, Instagram, and other social media outlets of each venue to ensure that they will be a great fit for you.

Let Your Planner Be Your Guide

Your planner will help guide you and will know from experience working with them if you will be a good match. In many cases the wedding planner will know exactly which vendor will represent your style and interpret your vision, based on the planning conversations and their previous experience with the vendors.

Enjoy The Process

My last little piece of advice for your big day is to ENJOY THE PROCESS. There will always be little hiccups along the way, but in the end the HUGE Milestone of your wedding day will be perfect!! Exactly the way it was meant to be!! Trust in your wedding planner and let the day evolve .

If you have any wedding planning questions, leave a comment below or email me at

Choose The Best Wedding Planner In Cabo – US!

Happy Planning! Maybe we’ll see you in Cabo or perhaps another Mexico location if you want to tie the knot here? My team and I travel around Mexico and can coordinate your wedding in your Los Angeles wedding venue, New York wedding venue, Chicago wedding venue and beyond! Please consider us as your best wedding planner in Cabo!

  • Xoxo
  • Amy

P.S.: This Vendor Booking Planner by WeddingWire is super helpful. Stick to it and you will have an amazing stress-free wedding planning!

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