The Ultimate Cabo Rehearsal Dinner & Welcome Party


Read everything you need to know about pulling off an epic Cabo rehearsal dinner and/or Welcome Party. The topic of rehearsal dinners and welcome parties is a popular one between all our upcoming weddings with our fabulous clients for 2018/2019. We thought we would share some information on the ins and outs of welcome parties and rehearsal dinners. Our goal is to help you to understand the dynamics and importance of each of these beautiful celebrations and how to make them fun and STRESS-FREE!! (With the help of a planner of course!!)

Cabo Rehearsal Dinner

For local in-town weddings, a rehearsal dinner usually consists only of the following and serves as an intimate gathering for the closest family members, bride, groom, and bridal party. The importance of the rehearsal day is to practice the wedding ceremony with all the people involved and to get to know each other a bit before the big day!!

Once all members of the bridal party have gone through their “short ‘n’ sweet” training, everyone will feel ready to go for the actual wedding day.

Unable To Attend?

If for some reason a member of the wedding party is unable to attend the rehearsal, then your wedding planner and her team will be there to help assist in making things clear and respond to any particular questions or doubts.

The planner and her team will also be available to assist in helping you know exactly when it’s your time to “shine down the aisle.”  So never be nervous and enjoy this special time with your family and friends!!

P.S.  Guests only have “eyes for the bride and groom,” so relax. XOXO

Whose Presence Is Required

The wedding ceremony rehearsal typically involves the wedding processional, which normally includes:

  • * Minister or Officiant  (FYI most brides and grooms opt to bring their close family friend or family member for this when they have a destination wedding.  If you do hire an Officiant for the day there is an extra cost for that person to attend the rehearsal)
  • * Mother and father of the bride and groom
  • * Bridesmaids & groomsmen
  • * Maid of honor & Best man
  • * Flower girls & ring bearer
  • * Bride & groom

Convenient Rehearsal Dinners

Nowadays, Cabo Wedding venues often having a wedding the evening before, therefore destination rehearsals take place in the daytime. Daytime rehearsals are great because the wedding party and guests have the rest of the day to relax and hang out by the pool. This also avoids stress with respect to people being late, having partaken a little too much during happy hour.

Cabo rehearsal party overlooking the ocean Daytime ‘dos’ also allow for more comfort. Participants leave directly from their hotel dressed in their best cocktail chic attire and walk into the restaurant ready to meet your family and friends. In many cases the, rehearsal is on the same property as the wedding and you can saunter right into the celebration!!

The More The Merrier

Because a Cabo San Lucas events are destination weddings, budgets all for extended Wedding Rehearsals. Suggested etiquette is that everyone is invited to the event to celebrate and toast the soon to be Husband and Wife. This is a GREAT time to interact and meet new people so that on the day of the event, everyone will know each other and the event feels more intimate.

BEST Places For A Rehearsal Dinner in Cabo

Venue choices are plentiful in Cabo (to say the least). With so many options to choose from, a great time and experience are guaranteed, with the final choices being dependent on your taste, style, and budget.

an elegant Cabo rehearsal dinner outdoors

With its many five star venues and world-renowned restaurants, Cabo has endless options for amazing spaces to guarantee an unforgettable experience for such a special night. Below are just a few examples, of recommendations to suit either small, intimate experiences or grand rehearsal celebrations.

Intimate Experiences

These can also accommodate larger parties if budget allows

Agua by Larbi @One&Only Palmilla
El Farallon @The Resort at Pedregal
Manta @The Cape Hotel

Larger Groups  

Most of these can accommodate smaller groups too

Flora Farms
The Office
MI Casa

(In Cabo and San Jose)

Tres Gallos
Maria Corona
La Lupita

(In Cabo and San Jose)

Welcome Party Options Cabo


OH, in Cabo, The Places you can GO!!!

Welcome Fiesta

Keep it SUPER Fun and Casual and REAL TIME FUN IN CABO

This is the day when all friends, family and people who arrived from afar to Cabo can celebrate a weekend of love and laughter together. Your guests will want to talk, laugh and have a drink on hand! So here you can be super creative, from a Mexican fiesta vibe with Tacos, Margaritas, beer, and Mariachi!

Or a lounge beach party with a bonfire, amazing drinks, and heavy appetizers.  If the budget allows for a full dinner, then even better!! If not, have no fear, there are plenty of great venues and beachfront resorts that will accommodate your ideas and budget to make this day an unforgettable night for your guests.

This Party should be two hours tops (or 3 if dinner is involved). It often works well to do the welcome at the hotel and then guests can go out to dinner afterward together.

Another GREAT idea for a welcome is a Sunset Cruise or a pool party. We have so many creative options and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate!!

Who should plan my Cabo San Lucas Rehearsal Dinner and or Welcome Party?

When it comes to planning these events, look to your wedding planner for guidance and suggestions.  The planner will know where to guide you based on your budget and can often get you a perk or two based on their relationship with the venues. This is one of the many areas where the planner can assist so you can enjoy!


Amy x