Totally Pin-tastic Pinterest Wedding!


Meredith & Chris’ wedding was featured on Bespoke Bride! Get ready ladies & gents because the most pin-worthy, pin-tastic Pinterest wedding of your dreams is finally hitting your screens! Working on the design team at Pinterest, it was obvious from the start that Meredith & Chris’s wedding was going to be full of beautiful inspiration.

So if you’re planning the wedding of your dreams get that ‘pin it’ button ready because this wedding will inspire you for years to come…

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From The Bride

“Exactly two years ago, we were headed to Hawaii for an end of summer vacation. The day before our departure, two hurricanes were in the path of Hawaii, so we had to change our travel plans.” Meredith began.

“A friend had recently told me all about the quaint and artsy town of Los Cabos and so decided to head there instead since it was a short three-hour flight from San Francisco. One evening, we decided to head to Flora Farms per recommendation. Upon arrival, I knew it was where I would get married someday. It was exactly the vibe I wanted for our special day. The food was amazing, the dogs roaming around the property was a dream come true (as we are both big dog lovers) and I fell in love with every single detail on the property.”

“Fast forward one year later, Chris popped the question and shortly after he looked at me and simply said “We’re getting at Flora Farm, aren’t we?” and that was it! I was getting married to the love of my life at the place I loved most.”

Pinterest Wedding Guaranteed

Since I work on the design team at Pinterest, it would be stating the obvious that I had lots of secret wedding boards and already had hundreds of pins for the big day. The best part about Flora Farm was that there was actually very little we needed to do in terms of decorations as it is so beautiful and charming on its own. I worked closely with Amy Abbott and we discussed the desire for authentic pops of color in the bouquet and on the tables, a Mariachi Band and to do something out of the ordinary by using macrame for the ceremony.

The icing on the cake was the “releasing of the hounds” after the cake cutting when the lovely staff brought all of the rescue dogs from the farm down to the reception and let the dogs loose for the guests, Chris and I to hang out with. Since the majority of us all have dogs and left them in the States, it was the perfect ending to the reception and the perfect beginning to our happily ever after.