Make Your Wedding a Celebration for Everyone with Guestie


Guestie helps guests to get to know each other before the wedding

Introducing Guestie! This featured blog comes from one of our awesome brides, Jessica! When Jessica was planning her wedding, she figured out a fun, easy way to introduce her guests to each other before the wedding! A digital icebreaker and party starter, where her guests could be introduced to each other ahead of time. Remove any wedding day awkwardness of finding strangers seated at your table! It’s called Guestie, and it’s safe to say we are kind of obsessed with it!

Keep reading to hear how Jessica used Guestie to introduce guests in advance virtually to spark the wedding fun.

The beauty of Los Cabos is a vibe. The sun. The surf. The sand. My fiancé and I were thrilled to connect with Amy and her amazing team to bring it all to life in the planning & decor for our wedding. Amy puts so much thought and effort into the details which got us thinking. With guests attending from different sides and many meeting for the first time, we felt responsible for our friends and family enjoying a fun and memorable time altogether. 

It’s easy to forget amidst all of the never-ending wedding day details that helping your guests feel comfortable and relaxed to the level of having a good time is one of the biggest factors in making your wedding experience fun and memorable! But keeping everyone happy and having a good time with each other is where my (now) husband and I got stuck.

When we envisioned this destination wedding we pictured everyone we love, mingling together as one big happy family and keeping the dance floor lit all night long. We realized what we envisioned was more of a vibe & energy. But we knew instantly that vibe & energy could easily be soured by awkwardness. The first thing that stood out to us was, everyone had to know each other. Otherwise, for them, it would be a night full of walking around with their drink in hand, stepping in and out of introductions & random conversations. 

Using the Guestie App means nobody is a stranger at your wedding

Our guests had to get to know each other, in advance, and really fast! 

We were ready to introduce our guests to each other ahead of time, so they could skip to celebrating! By doing this, we could easily create the AMAZING experience we were hoping for at our wedding. Guestie was going to be the “digital party starter for our wedding”. We built and used Guestie for our guests to connect with each other before the big day. Breaking the ice ahead of time built the excitement leading into our weekend to a level worthy of an AAE-planned event!

Smooth Socializing Begins With Great Planning!

Having the right planner is essential to creating an awesome wedding experience! We loved that Amy and her team really understood the events we were hosting and the experience (remember that vibe & energy?)  we wanted to create for our guests.  They worked their magic to arrange all of the details, which gave us the time we needed to consider the experiences we wanted to share with our guests. 

They delivered, tenfold! From lush tropical venues, and gorgeous beach views to breathtaking florals and the best local entertainment. It was truly everything we ever imagined! Along with how we’d create that vibe & energy using Guestie! All of those amazing events that Amy and her team were planning, we pictured our guests entering the welcome party to a room full of familiar friendly faces, as opposed to whispered mumblings of “Who’s that”?

Connect Your Guests Ahead Of Your Wedding

In designing Guestie, we had to introduce everyone ahead of time, but even more than that, we had to make it fun. It was all about quick easy intros! We created a full gallery with profiles for each of our guests with fun tidbits about them. We shared how we knew or met them. Guest profiles were designed to help our guests learn how everyone was connected at our wedding. But also to easily see what they had in common with each other.  

Once the guest profiles were underway, we then added features to Guestie that would continue to keep all of the guests informed of our many upcoming events, any changes along the way, fun surprises, and any info they needed to know ahead of time that wasn’t included in their invitation suite (like having an unplugged ceremony). For those items, we rolled out a message board feature alongside text alerts that easily integrated with Guestie.

There was still one thing left: song requests! Song requests that happened in advance so they could be coordinated with our entertainment. Think about it, how many times have you said “This is my song!” before hitting the dance floor? We wanted to capture that lighting in a bottle for our guests. They could submit their faves through the Guestie platform, which could easily be handed over to our entertainment for the night! In advance of course!

By the end of our ceremony, guests were already dancing together and following our mariachi band as they played them into a cocktail hour!

Fast forward to our wedding as we were nervously preparing for our welcome party! We watched as guests began to arrive, and this truly amazing thing happened. We were seeing our guests, who were fresh off the plane, jump right into mixing and mingling with each other, with no formal introductions! If we’re being honest here, there was zero time for formal introductions anyway. We looked around and saw lively interactions, laughter, and guests who were already having a blast. But the best part is, it didn’t stop there!

With the creative planning & expertise of Amy Abbott Events along with Guestie, our Mexico wedding experience was a dream come true! Knowing our guests were having a blast took the pressure off of the two of us. We could enjoy all of the carefully planned details of our wedding day, while joyfully watching everyone come together!  Guestie’s mission became clear: to create more meaningful, memorable moments thanks to that feeling of connection.

In between formal wedding events, guests from different parts of our lives were hanging out together around the pool. These in-between event times turned into guests of all ages, from both of our sides, creating experiences all their own, as if they’d known each other forever. At the reception, the dance floor was full and poppin’ before dinner even started! We have so many fantastic memories. Non-stop laughter on the shuttles and guests sharing conversations across the aisle pre-ceremony. One very special grandma who was spotted enjoying cigars with the groomsmen she had just met! 

If you’re preparing your best day ever, we’d love for you to join in Guestie’s vision of connecting your guests. Let’s build excitement,and expand your celebration beyond your wedding events, and having a wedding day that is an unforgettable vibe. All you have to do is watch the fun unfold!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and remember to enjoy every moment!

xo Jessica

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