Honeymoon Ideas You Need to Know About


After celebrating your nuptials with family and friends, it’s all about you and your new spouse! A honeymoon is a special opportunity to relax and enjoy quality bonding time with your new life partner. The options can seem endless and overwhelming when it comes to booking a honeymoon, but here are a few non-traditional creative ideas for how to spend this exciting first trip together married!


Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and truly magical. With that being said, sometimes the stress and effort that went into planning leaves you feeling exhausted after the big day. If packing up and traveling long distances sounds like more of a hassle than adventure, consider a stay-cation.

This could be simply looking around your local area at things the two of you have never experienced before! You can create a bucket list for the week of places to hit that are close by. It could be visiting a local winery, attending a sports game, exploring museums, or booking a night at a nearby lodge to get out of your house.

This is an economical stress-free way to vacation together with little pressure to do and see it all in a crunched time frame. So pull out your camera to take snapshots of the special simple moments you can share being a tourist in your own city or state!

Bon Voyage!

All you want to do is to be far far away on a tropical island tanning next to the love of your life with zero stress…and you can be! After booking a high-end cruise, take advantage of the amenities at your fingertips!  If you’re an active couple looking to keep up with your workout schedule, check out if there are gyms available on board! For those looking to get extra special treatment see if luxurious spas are available on the ship to destress in. Dancing til you drop might be your thing and if it is then be sure to hit the nightlife scene and party til’ the sun comes up.

Taking a cruise also allows you to visit tropical islands and get a taste of local culture and see the sights if that is something you are both interested in. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen and you will be all set for this relaxing trip!


Whether it may be environmental clean up, serving the homeless, or working with underprivileged kids, there are plenty of organizations to volunteer with, and what better way to kick off your marriage than to give back to others! Doing a week-long volunteering program is a great way to bond over efforts you and your spouse care about and discover shared values.

This is also an active on-the-go honeymoon depending on what type of volunteering you decide to tackle. Not only will you feel accomplished, it is a memorable and interesting honeymoon idea to share with others after! Very inspirational!

These options are just a few of many alternative honeymoon ideas, comment below on which is your favorite or if you have others to share!

Photo credits: Erich McVey