A Bloggers Dream – Planning Her Own Destination Wedding


Although every bride is excited about the process of creating the perfect destination wedding, a blogger finds it a unique challenge and yields immense joy from the journey.

Each detail presents an opportunity to engage her online audience in the process of creating the memorable and magical experience. Knowing that every aspect of the special event will be shared with friends, family, and followers, a blogger will need to think in terms of snapshots of love and elation.

When Jenn chose The Cape Hotel in Cabo San Lucas for her wedding, she knew that it would not only be the perfect backdrop for Instagram worthy photos but also, the ideal atmosphere for her guests to unwind and let loose. Thus, creating spontaneous moments of laughter and joy for the photographer to capture.

The Details

While the big details of a destination wedding are important (entertainment, decor, flowers), it’s the small details such as welcome bags and personalized items that can make a huge impact.

From the moment guests arrive at the destination wedding, the mood is set by the attention to detail.

Welcome bags and amenity baskets can be delivered upon arrival. This lets guests know that the bride and groom are thinking of them and value their presence. Customized bags, fun beach towels, mini tequilas, and little treats create a festive mood, with a hint of adventures to come.

Personal Touches

In addition to welcome bags, personal touches may be chosen to accent each event and element of the venue. Fun pool floaties and personalized koozies serve as photo focal points for pool and beach time!

Jenn also provided a limbo stick, blink rings, and glow in the dark accessories. All these props made for an awesome late-night dancing & photography session. Even the most reserved guests are willing to pose for a memory when presented with an alter ego prop!

Creating Experiences

Never forget that the truly memorable destination wedding consists of a series of unique experiences representing the culture of the venue selected and the personality of the bride and groom.

While in Los Cabos, why not think outside of the box for the welcome party or rehearsal dinner? After all, this is a perfect opportunity for old friends to reconnect and for new friendships to be forged.

Jenn opted for a sunset cruise around the arch complete with dinner and dancing for her rehearsal dinner.

However, Los Cabos offers a myriad of creative options for the bride and groom to choose from. Perhaps a bridal luncheon cooking class, tequila tasting or mixology event to engage the wedding party and guests. For the more active crowd, there’s beach yoga, paddle boarding, golfing, fishing, zip lining, and off-roading adventures. Any and all of these activities create fun bonding experiences and provide amazing photo opportunities.

Let Loose In The Moment

Overall, the most important advice we learned from all our blogger brides is to be present in the moment. Put down that cell phone, and allow yourself to be free to embrace the moment! Trust in the hired photographer to capture those candid shots when you look radiant and your friends and family are laughing and smiling. Now, that is something to blog about!