It Takes A Village | Cabo Wedding Coordinators


Weddings are always a team effort within a team of Cabo wedding coordinators. It takes an “all hands on deck” attitude to ensure that the day runs smoothly and communication is the key. With limited time to ensure everything is perfect there is never a pause in the action.

Clear The Area

It’s a chain reaction when the set-up begins: the area must be cleared for the venue to take place. The flooring and lighting have to be installed first so tables, chairs, and linens can be set. Last but definitely not least the details are put in place and perfected.

Chain Reaction

If a vendor is late or has brought the wrong items it affects everyone. If makeup and hair are running behind then photography cannot start on-time and the bride and groom will either not have time for the photos they want or they will be late to their own wedding.

Cabo Wedding Coordinators Are The Best

The vendors that we work with at every wedding are the best at what they do.  Everybody is always ready, asking the right questions and working as quickly as their feet and hands would allow them.

As Cabo wedding coordinators, we are as good as our vendors and we cannot have doubts when going into an event.  We rely on the best, expect the best and our events show the results!

Thank you all!

Amy, Lynette, Lauren, Pamela, and Martha

Cabo wedding coordinators