An Unforgettable One&Only Palmilla Wedding


We first met Hana and Alex via a great phone call and we immediately were hooked by their energy, intellect and their clear vision for the wedding weekend style and feel.

To say they are a fun couple is an understatement. They both have a great sense of style and an eye for the classic details with “ fresh twists “ that make them their own.

The weekend extravaganza was full of events and activities and below we will name just a few.

Rehearsal Dinner At Flora Farms 

Hana and Alex knew right away that Flora Farms was the perfect place to hold their rehearsal dinner.  Taking a “Glam” approach to an elegant Mexico themed evening we took the lead and designed an event to remember. No detail was spared, from the tiniest details of the all the different hues in the color palette that was designed by Pina Cate and Gaby Curiel, using a fuchsia base along with a heavenly assortment of vibrant Mexico tones we all adore in florals- that helped to create a magical table scape that quite literally led the guests to gasp in its beauty upon arriving.

one-and-only-palmilla-wedding-amy-abbott-events one-and-only-palmilla-wedding-amy-abbott-events one-and-only-palmilla-wedding-amy-abbott-events

The next fabulous detail was to the LUXE Papel Picado Chandelier created by the talented Maria Boehme of Baja Boutique Rentals. The bold colors were arranged in an elegant way with subtle touches of white as all guests were dressed in formal white designs, with the exception of the bride and groom who were dressed in simply stunning attire which matched the Mexican Glam vibe and tone of the evening.


MUSIC was very important to Hana and Alex and they chose the young but “ Old Soul” local Cabo band, the Shamans and they added to the perfection of the evening by setting the tone of the night that made each guest feel warm and welcome. The music was accompanied with the perfect toasts from family and friends and the candlelight blazed on as the bride and groom and their guests smiled and laughed under Flora Farms tented lights and the twinkling Baja Stars.


A Storybook Wedding At Palmilla

one-and-only-palmilla-wedding-amy-abbott-events one-and-only-palmilla-wedding-amy-abbott-eventsAs if things could not get any better!

Now let’s talk about this unforgettable wedding. The venue and the day completely epitomized the style of the couple: Elegant and classic atmosphere incorporating the incredible lush landscape of One & Only Palmilla and the Modern and clean palette which was an infusion of elements of white, accents of sand, light gray, gold and textured and beautiful tables linens and white lounge were the essentials to creating this exquisite wedding day.

welcome area at One&Only Palmilla weddinga chic, white welcome area at One&Only Palmilla weddingelegant white tablescapes at a one&only Palmilla wedding spectacular table settings at One&Only Palmilla wedding perfect alignment at a white One&Only Palmilla wedding one-and-only-palmilla-wedding-amy-abbott-events white roses at One&Only Palmilla wedding

VVPRO and Del Cabo Rentals, helped us to realize Hana’s dream of having pergolas and draping in the lounge area, along with exquisite and elegant decorative pillows and coffee tables that took the event to the “ next Level.” For music, we had the talented Alonso Aguirre who created a very hip and sophisticated atmosphere. The wedding ended with a stunning fireworks display after the charming and wonderful Groom made the last toast.

breath-taking lounging area at a One&Only Palmilla wedding one-and-only-palmilla-wedding-amy-abbott-events The weather was our ally for this One & Only Palmilla wedding. The sun was in its full splendor for the ceremony followed by the perfect sunset that Cabo always gives, closing with a refreshing and perfect evening reception.

Late Night Celebrations

It’s worth mentioning that the party did not end there!

We had a Late Night Party at Casa Pacifica with trendy furniture and a super “On Point DJ Max” The wedding guests were served churros and quesadillas – two ‘must-have’ components to include in a wedding destination in our beautiful Mexico.


They sipped champagne, vintage wine and enjoyed the smoky flavors of Mezcal as they danced the night away.

CHEERS to our beautiful couple, may they live a life of love and laughter and always remember the weekend where it all began.

Gaby and Amy

To learn more about the One&Only Palmilla, please visit the One&Only Palmilla Venue Page.

Photography: Chris Plus Lynn