2021 Wedding Trends


Thankfully, it’s almost time to say goodnight to 2020 and take a look at some upcoming 2021 wedding trends. What a whirlwind year it has been with more ups and downs than anyone could have ever predicted.  In spite of all the upheaval, brides and grooms throughout the world managed to turn their frowns upside down. I’m certain that 2021 will be the year of the “Postponement Weddings”, along with new couples eager to say their ‘I Do’s’ destination style.

Just for fun, I put together a shortlist of 2021 wedding trend predictions we will see more of from our clients.

Grab a Marg and enjoy the read!

2021 Wedding Trends – Sentimental Thinking

If anything, this quarantine has given us time and perspective to really evaluate what and who is important in our lives. I see couples sharing the importance of gratitude and love being shown to their guests.

romantic reception highlighting 2021 wedding trends

I envision thank-you notes on the guest’s welcome itinerary or on the back of menus, handwritten notes at the guest’s place setting, and lots of eye contact.

Couples know what a tough year 2020 was and will show their gratitude for the presence of their guests.

Backyard Elegance

Intimate gatherings reminiscent of the days when people spent their weekends attending scaled back family affairs with their closest family and friends. Think twinkly lights, Mozart’s, Romanza, playing in the background with a fabulous string quartet.

If you are lucky enough to get married in Cabo, your backyard vibe may find you dining Al Fresco at a cliffside family table at Esperanza as the waves crash against the rocks. Or seated Farm Style at Flora Farm with a Farmarita in hand.

2021 wedding trends - al fresco dining

Pure heaven on earth.

Less Is More

Couples are coming to the conclusion that if they shorten the guest list, they can lengthen their budget and have a more intimate and curated event. Couples are choosing beautiful baroque centerpieces with countless candles set in clear cylinders to set the ambiance.

Intimate events are definite 2021 wedding trends

Calligraphy and hand-painted menus are on point for 2021, as guests find ways to “wow” their guests with the deets.  Couples can toast with Veuve for all and have time to interact with each and every guest adding to the ambiance.

A Tale of Tequila

Signature cocktails and specialty drinks are still in the mix when it comes to wedding planning in 2021.  Arriving to cocktail hour met with trays of the mixologist’s masterpieces, along with your choice of wines, and beers and mocktails, and water for those who do not partake.

I always recommend that our clients choose one or of their favorite cocktails to serve as well as something local to the area. In Cabo, we are known for our Margarita’s and we have added Mango, Triple Spice, Jalapenos and are perfectly schooled on the classic margarita which frankly cannot be beaten.

Pro Tip: ask your venue to only put salt on half the rim to avoid, getting it stuck on your lips. Let’s keep it sophisticated people.

You Can Wow Me Up

Couples have been cooped up most of 2020, cutting back, keeping a low profile and now they are ready to PARTAY. Using responsible safety measures but still having a fabulous time.  First thoughts for “Wow’s” are the never ever too often seen fireworks, colorful smoke bombs, sparkler exits, but you can also “Wow with amenities and amazing service, decadent dining, and a fabulous bar set.

One of our TOP photos of the year has been the Veuve Cart at the Montage Hotel Los Cabos. It is the ULTIMATE in indulgence and imagine the guest’s delight when following a breathtaking oceanfront ceremony, they turn from one mind-blowing experience to the next as they walk into cocktail hour and are met by attendants with trays full of champagne with the Veuve cart in the background.

Veuve Cliquet Cart 2021 wedding trends

Master Mixologists and small plates in layered courses are also great ways to gain a wedding guest fan base.  The go-to must in any wedding is elegant and ample floral centerpieces with candles in cylinders that sparkle on the table and wow each and every guest.

Add A Little Color To Your Couture

In a further effort to brighten up 2021, fashion-forward brides are opting to add a pop of color, such as this beautiful Valencia dress by Monique Lhuillier.

Left: Monique Lhuillier design; Right: our beautiful bride

Our 2021 clients are choosing bespoke couture and wearing elegant, dramatic bridal gowns. Pops of color stand out from the Cabo scenery, thanks to the floral design.

I think that the idea of walking down the aisle in a dress that shows off a bride’s fashion-forward taste is an exceptional way to set the trend for a 2021 wedding.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Here in Sunny Los Cabos, outdoor weddings are always a thing. Now more than ever outdoor events are here to stay and having just the right lighting is imperative to pulling off your dream soiree. The perfect lighting is equally important for your tablescapes to effectively create your signature ambiance and vibe.

Whimsical structures and greenery can also be added to the areas over the dance floor or tables along with string lights that create an intimate and magical feel. Add amazing floral installation with greenery, florals, and a unique structure, and you are assured to dazzle your guests.


Sustainability is a definite 2021 wedding trend. Couples are increasingly mindful of their carbon footprint. Couples opt for recycled or repurposed paper items. Choose florals done without the floral foam is highly toxic, and, despite what some florists say it is NOT compostable. Trendsetter florists such as the talented Pina Cate stopped using floral foam a long time ago.

As you can see her work is impeccable without it.

Exceptional Live Music

For such a small and beautiful place, Cabo IS jam-packed with musical options and our clients are taking full advantage. The trend is to hire multiple musicians and create little vignettes.  Here’s some musical inspiration for you: A trumpet playing “What a Wonderful World” as the bride and groom walk down the aisle. Mariachi’s escorting guests to cocktail hour and a world glass string duet playing “Something Just Like This” during dinner.

Rev things up on the dance floor, by opting for an excellent 5-piece band. A DJ with a saxophone is also a great way to “get your groove on.”  Imagine as the sun sets, you’re driving outside the gates of Flora Farms, listening to one last acoustic guitar serenade.

The icing on the cake to a perfect event.

Mid-Week I-Do’s

Due to the massive amounts of postponements, newly engaged couples are fighting for Cabo’s top venue spaces. Think Montage, Las Ventanas, Acre, Flora Farms, Chileno Bay Resorts and Residences, Esperanza, and The Cape.

Here’s an unexpected 2021 wedding trend! Savvy couples are opting for mid-week nuptial. We’re finding that the options can be plentiful, and they can save a little money along the way. Rest assured you can still knock it out of the park with a mid-week wedding.

Big Hair Don’t Care

According to Neysa of Blanc Bridal, brides are switching it up this year and opting for textured looks.  For example, textured low buns, up-do’s, and textured ponytails.

Texture can be done in so many different ways and styles. Voluminous hair is also in and brides are not afraid to wear their hair down and full.

Unique hair accessories and headpieces are also making their way down the aisle.

Celebrate Your Wedding All Weekend Long

To close out my 2021 wedding trends, here’s an inspirational sample weekend of Los Cabos celebrations!

There is no denying that society feels like they have been cooped up for way too long!

Slowly but surely plans are being made, and travel and gatherings are taking place.  Since you are traveling a long way, you may as well make the most of it.

Couples are curating multiple experiences for their guests during their destination wedding weekend.

Day 1

A Thursday arrival at the host hotel may include being met with a welcome bag. Expect to delight guests with a bag full of local goodies, and the weekend itinerary.

A Sunset cruise is a great start to any Cabo San Lucas destination wedding. Meet your guests on the Dock as you sail out to the Sea of Cortez. There you’ll have your photo opp taken in one of the most coveted Instagram spots in the world: The Los Cabos Arches.

Day 2

Friday is a morning rehearsal walk-through with the wedding party. A modish pool party ensues, with a DJ, Mixologist, Fun Boy Floaties, Corona and Pacifico. Filled beverage ice buckets and hand-passed small plates of tacos, ceviche and guacamole, and Pico.

Pool Party

Friday evening can be a bit more formal with guests gathering somewhere authentic and magical like Tres Gallos. Enjoy dinner under the stars, and an evening of toasting and celebrating the bride and groom. Add a little flamenco guitar and the mood is set.

Day 3

Saturday’s wedding is the grand affair and the perfect opportunity for guests to sleep in. Guests can hydrate and pamper themselves at the hotel spa before getting ready for the evening soiree. Think formal wear, but not stuffy and some couples are even sharing coordinated dress codes. Either way, expect laughter, love, and premium spirits to flow all night.

Day 4

Sunday Brunch will be a come and go as guests say their goodbyes to the newlyweds. Some will linger on into the day as others will catch early flights back home. One thing is for certain: everyone will have left with enough memories and love to last a lifetime.

The final and perhaps most important of all 2021 wedding trends is INDIVIDUALITY.

This is your day, make it about what matters to you as a couple. Don’t sweat the small stuff and breathe a breath of gratitude. You have finally made it to this day.



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2021 wedding trends