Our Wedding Party: Your Wedding’s Digital Party Starter


Our featured blog today comes from one of our beloved brides, Jessica Lamarre, who has come up with an ingenious way to break the ice between guests before your destination wedding kicks off! Jessica is the creator of Our Wedding Party – a fun new way of digitally meeting an entire wedding guest list before the big day. Without further ado, please read on to hear how Jessica’s wedding served as the best beta tester for her new business! 

Introducing The Newest Ice-Breaker Resource

A destination wedding is a vacation for you and your guests. With the adventure and travel come added complications and logistics. These events are no small feat! Guests are traveling hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to celebrate with YOU!

With a destination wedding, you’re not just keeping guests entertained for a few hours. There are days full of activities you want to go smoothly. You can plan the setting and decor, but how do you keep everyone happy and socializing??? 

That’s the question me and my now husband were asking before our Los Cabos wedding. We wanted our loved ones to mingle, to get to know one another, and really feel like they belonged to our new combined family. 

And it happened! During their stay, guests lived it up, dancing and partying all together, without the awkwardness that can dampen the energy of any wedding.

How’d we do it? 

We learned that introducing guests to each other beforehand can have AMAZING results. We experienced so many more meaningful, memorable moments thanks to everyone feeling connected. 

Our Wedding Party

Working with Amy’s team, you know your wedding will be magical. Now, how do you get your guests who are coming from all different circles in your lives, celebrating together in an easy and comfortable way? We created Our Wedding Party; a digital party starter that introduces and connects guests before the big day! 

Helping your loved ones break the ice is the key to taking your wedding from a gorgeous affair to a celebration you don’t want to ever end. It’s easy to forget amidst the wedding details how helping your guests be their most comfortable is one of the biggest factors to making your wedding experience the most fun and memorable.

Smooth Socializing Begins with Great Planning

The right planner is essential to creating an awesome wedding experience. Amy’s team really understood the events we were hoping to create for us and our guests.  

Amy’s team delivered our dream wedding, from lush tropical venues and gorgeous beach views, to breathtaking flowers and local musicians, it was everything we ever wanted. My amazing AAE planner, Lynette, worked her magic arranging the wedding details, allowing us time to consider the experiences we wanted to share with guests and how to get them ready to enjoy it together.

What if you could make it easy for guests to get to know each other before they traveled to your wedding? What if they entered the hotel lobby or first event full of familiar faces instead of total strangers?

Amy’s team brings all the right elements together to make your dream wedding a reality. With peace of mind, you can focus on your loved ones giving them (and the bride & groom) a great party.

Connect All of Your Circles Ahead of Your Wedding

We designed Our Wedding Party to be a fun way to introduce your friends and relatives. Eliminate stranger anxiety and make meeting in-person something your guests look forward to! 

At Our Wedding Party, your guests learn more about one another and how they know you, using a gallery full of guest profiles. Here, they’ll learn how everyone is connected and find things they have in common. Loved ones can even leave digital guestbook messages for the couple-to-be. 

“Our Wedding Party does this amazing thing of connecting different ages, backgrounds, and generations, bringing everyone together to celebrate.” 

Our welcome fiesta rehearsal took place as guests arrived. We were seeing people for the first time; everyone was fresh off the plane and there was no time for personal introductions. The party was starting! And this amazing thing happened. Right before our eyes, people were mixing and mingling on their own. Looking around, we saw nothing but lively interactions and laughter. 

In between events, guests from different parts of our lives were hanging out together around the pool. These in-between times turned out to be so fun, as guests of all ages, from both our sides, were mingling by the pool together like they’d known each other forever. 

At the end of the wedding ceremony, guests were already dancing together as they followed our mariachi band over for the cocktail hour. The dance floor was full and poppin’ before dinner even started.

Joy & Relief Thanks To Our Wedding Party

Knowing our guests were having a blast took the pressure off of the two of us. We could enjoy getting our photos taken, while joyfully watching everyone come together. 

We have so many fantastic memories, like non-stop laughter on the shuttles, guests sharing conversations across the aisle before the ceremony, and one special grandma who was spotted enjoying cigars with the groomsmen (she just met!). 

It was thrilling to see how much Our Wedding Party accelerated everyone getting to know each other. It sparked an energy of celebration from the start of our trip. Joy visible on guests’ smiling faces, relaxed conversations, and ultimately, a jam-packed dance floor.

Our Wedding Party Helps You and Your Guests Have Even More Fun

With Our Wedding Party to help us break the ice, everyone instantly felt a part of our weekend and that led to memorable highlights throughout our celebration. 

Our Wedding Party makes guests feel connected. It doesn’t matter which group or side of the family brought your guests to the wedding. Everyone is now part of your wedding – the inclusive community of all your loved ones. 

With the creative planning mastery of the Amy Abbott Events team and Our Wedding Party getting our guests ready to party, our whole wedding experience in Mexico was a dream come true. As you prepare for your wedding festivities, I’d love to extend the invitation for you to join Our Wedding Party. To connect your guests, build excitement, and expand the celebration beyond your wedding day. Then, watch the fun unfold when your wedding arrives!  

Congratulations and enjoy every moment!

xo Jessica